EXPERIMENTA is a research infrastructure that enables development and testing of new network protocols and applications, with the difference that the infrastructure may undergo internal changes, so that one can analyze the impact and performance under different environments. This makes it a real and unique environment for ICT research and experimentation, offering an unavailable framework in the Catalan Scientific Ring, which is a network of value-added services to the scientific community, and not an instrument to investigate as EXPERIMENTA is.

The aim is to support R&D in experimentation in the Future Internet, in the field of broadband infrastructure, services and applications and provide it with new tools and instruments to improve ICT research in Catalonia.

This project is funded 50% by the European Regional Development Fund under the ERDF Operational Programme of Catalonia 2007-2013, operation code No.IU041873.

01/2007 to 12/2015
Generalitat de Catalunya (FEDER 2007-2013)
412.000 €