Future Internet testbeds/experimentation between BRazil and Europe



FIBRE is a collaborative project between the European Union within the FP7 programme and the government of Brazil, through the CNPq project. The goal is to create a common EU-BR space by building an experimental infrastructure for research on network structures and distributed applications.

In the first phase, the project Europe will deploy a dedicated infrastructure to extend the infrastructure of two current projects: OFELIA (i2CAT and UEssex), based on Openflow and NITOS (UTH), with wireless technology. Moreover, FIBRE will work on improving control systems for the testbeds (OFELIA Control Framework and OMF). Meanwhile, in Brazil new islands will be created by taking advantage of European knowhow. These islands will feature wireless, optical and OpenFlow technology. This activity is currently in progress.

The goal for the second phase is the federation of all the individual infrastructures, leading to a common intercontinental extension infrastructure. For this to occur, the GÉANT networks in Europe and RedClara in Brazil, and two intercontinental links will be used, one of which is already available and the other in progress.

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The incorporation of new types of resources to the OpenFlow testbeds will allow the testing of this technology in a heterogeneous environment very similar to the real world. Furthermore, FIBRE is planning three pilot experiments which have the purpose of validating the overall infrastructure, and in turn, show their own potential. These pilots include smart mobility management in a wireless network, smart delivery of content in high definition on WDM optical networks and automatic connectivity services on demand in a programmable optical network.


At the end of the project a joint experimental infrastructure between Europe and Brazil will be available. This infrastructure, open to the research community, will provide sets of heterogeneous resources on to experiment in real environments.



  • i2CAT
  • NextWorks
  • UPMC
  • Essex University
  • Thessaly University




  • UFPA
  • RNP
  • CPqD
  • UFF
  • UFG
  • UFSCar
  • UFRJ
  • USP
06/2011 to 03/2014
Projecte Europeu FP7
Projecte CNPq Brasil
2.926.447 €