Finestra Oberta al Senegal



The Open Window to Senegal Project aims to reinforce the preexisting relationship between the Institut Oftalmològic de Lleida and the Kolda’s Main Hospital in Senegal introducing the Information Society tools to support their daily tasks.More precisely the project is going to connect both centers by a TeleMedicine system in order to allow the spanish ophthalmologists to support and backup the Kolda’s medical team decisions and carry out e-learning activities.The objective pursued by the project carry out  industrial research in order to obtain an eye fundus’ sift out system and teleophthalmological diagnosis, combined with an e-learning process addressed to the ophthalmologic team in the Main Hospital of Kolda.


To attend to ophthalmological attention in the Kolda area in Senegal, initially in diabetic retinopathy cases, which can’t be properly attended due to an absence of specialists.


The number of diabetics all around the world goes on increasing. 300 million of diabetics are expected in the year 2025. In front of the ophthalmology office’s impossibility to absorb this progressive increase, in the last years new sift out systems have been developed taking advantage of technological advances.For this reason, the main objective of the project consists in the deployment of  the tools needed to transfer this new knowledge and the associated clinical protocols in order to improve the ophthalmologic care in the Kolda zone in Senegal.

03/2009 to 03/2013