Generalised Architecture for Dynamic Infrastructure Services System



GEYSERS project aims to qualify optical infrastructure providers and network operators to enhance and complement their traditional set of business models. GEYSERS defines a generalised architecture for operators, network providers and IT infrastructure providers in order to create new business ecosystems in which to produce and consume network and advanced IT services, deployed on virtual infrastructures which will spur a revolution on the current infrastructure business models. GEYSERS will specify and implement a novel optical-network architecture able to support 'Optical Network + Any-IT' resource provisioning seamlessly and efficiently. GEYSERS proposes to:

  • Specify and develop mechanisms that allow infrastructure providers to partition their resources (optical network and/or IT), compose specific logical infrastructures and offer them as a service to network operators. This will be done overcoming the current limitations of networks/domain segmentation, and will support dynamic and on-demand changes in the logical infrastructures.
  • Specify and develop a Network Control Plane for the optical infrastructure, by extending standard solutions (ASON/GMPLS and PCE), able to couple optical network connectivity and IT services automatically and efficiently, and provide them in 1 step, dynamically and on-demand, including infrastructure re-planning mechanisms.

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GEYSERS defines and implements mechanisms that allow all the providers and operators of traditional infrastructures, both network and IT, to offer their resources whilst maintaining privacy and security between the different virtual infrastructures.

The GEYSERS architecture will address the full integration of the optical network substrate with the attached network edges and IT resources into a single infrastructure. This composition into a logical infrastructure will span administrative boundaries, technological and segment boundaries and endpoint resources. The GEYSERS Network Control Plane is responsible for supporting the required architectural and protocol extensions to go inter-domain (inter-domain path computation, security framework, transparent monitoring, recovery procedures and inter-domain signalling).


Internal architecture of LICL.


One of the benefits provided by GEYSERS is the introduction of a new infrastructure use paradigms, from the point of view of control and hybrid management, and of he use of virtualisation.

GEYSERS also defines new business models based on the decoupling of the provisioning of management services and of the control of own infrastructure.

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