HIgh PERformance TeleMEDicine platform



HIPERMED will design an open telemedicine platform based on a unified Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) providing media services, SIP-based control plane services and network services over the Internet Protocol (IP). The project exploits and extends the results from the HDVIPER CELTIC project (www.hdviper.org) in a healthcare scenario. The platform will support remote consulting, tele-teaching and distributed consensus decision-making on treatment programmes. It will also be possible to implement any sort of healthcare unit, e.g., in homes of patients and stand-by healthcare workers.

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From a service/application point of view, the research contributions of HIPERMED will be focused on:

  • Security and signalling solutions to store and transport medical data over public networks;
  • Especially authenticated and encrypted video communications;
  • Stereoscopic technologies to be adapted to medical requirements and environments;
  • DICOM and HL7 standards.

From an infrastructure point of view, research will be focused on:

  • Virtualized and scalable router architectures based on optimized open source software for routing;
  • Use of medical instrumentation directly connected to Internet-enabled devices.



Innovation in e-health issues addressed by the project is the possibility for situations in which professionals can meet other professionals over distance and in real time, i.e., to send audio, video and radiology from the operation theatre where one intervention, e.g. endoscopic, is performed.

Innovation in media services, control services and network services addressed by the project will be new high quality consultative telemedical services based on customized high definition video communication tools. The communication framework will be based on the technological platform developed in the HDVIPER project.


Hipermed Demonstration - Visionair

07/2010 to 03/2013
Avanza Competitividad
Fondos F.E.D.E.R.
5.636.110 €