HPDMnet – High Performace Digital Media enabled NETwork



HPDMnet is an international consortium of universities and research institutions building a new infrastructure in support of emerging classes of digital media, including high definition (HD), multi-point to multi-point HD, 4k/8k media, scientific visualization, and extremely high resolution imaging. HPDMnet is related to a set of activities, including the management of an international testbed, which is dynamically provisioned by ARGIA and Chronos. The HPDMnet research testbed has multiple sites within the GLIF (Global Lambda Integrated Facility) infrastructure in US, EU and Asia.



The main activities supported are research and education that will reinforce each other to take advantage of the next generation networking and digital media technologies, while enabling and creating a community of researchers and students knowledgeable and skilled in this powerful technology. It enables the designing, developing, and implementing of new capabilities that can provide large scale of high performance service. HPDMnet provides programmable networks and virtualization, multi-layer services and multi-domain service provisioning. This allows the customization of the service for a wide range of specialized applications.


HPDMnet opens possible innovation areas which are important for the future of industrial and networks technologies. Those areas include: provision of prototype services, advance in offer high performance digital media services for high quality, and design of new generation networks. The most important points of innovation of HPDMnet are the following ones:

  • HPDMnet designs and analyses the testbed investigative experiments.
  • This project has integration of services and support capabilities.
  • HPDMnet offers opened infrastructure to any type of application that can be tested.
  • This consortium is designing and developing new capabilities that can provide large scale HPDM services.





07/2007 to 12/2009
Self-financed by each participant
106.000 €