LIFE 2.0

Serveis de posicionament geogràfic pel suport a la vida independent i l’interacció social de la gent gran



The average proportion of elderly people in western countries is increasing, thus forcing governments to consider policies and strategies to support elderly people’s independent life in their own home.

The Life 2.0 project aims at generating new opportunities for social interactions by generating new services for elderly people, based on the use of tracking systems and social network applications.


The Life 2.0 platform will provide innovative solutions that will:

  • Point out the local implications and opportunities related to the use of the new technologies, whereas the existing technologies are usually supporting social links between people living far apart from each other.
  • Suggest applications (products and services) for an active use of tracking systems, whereas existing uses of tracking systems, especially for elderly people, often are limited to a sort of surveillance tool, especially in cases of dementia.
  • Focus on a particular target group - elderly people - that so far has been neglected in the development of those technologies, despite their increasing relevance in the demographics of our societies. With respect to this group, the project will emphasize not only the usability of new technologies, but also the social motivations for using those technologies.

In order to develop new applications to be ready in a 2-3 years period, the Life 2.0 will combine

  • state-of-the-art technologies and applications (e.g. Tracking systems, social networking applications)
  • the expertise of the industry partners (Geographical Information Systems, mobile and wireless applications); and
  • existing ethnographic knowledge and design studies from the research and academic partners in the project.

The objective of the project is to build product- service solutions that increase the opportunities for

  • social contacts between elderly people in their local area
  • acquiring knowledge about people living in the areas and events occurring close by
  • getting knowledge about services and assistance available in their area
  • offering their residual capabilities and skills to friends, family and other people of any age, living in their area.
10/2010 to 09/2013
3.977.509,50 €