Monitoratge i Assistència per a la Depressió



The aim of MADEP is to provide a tool to facilitate the management of remote major depression treatment. This tool should monitor and evaluate the relevant patient data regularly, have to be a support to patients and so obtain a perfect execution of patient treatment.

Relevant patient data of daily activities are selected by clinicians, such as the degree of mobility or pattern of sleeping. This information is obtained through a series of sensors placed in patient's home.

Besides a virtual agent will participate in the patient treatment, this component will have to do periodical personalised interactions with the patient, so that the medical staff could achieve to do a continuous and personalized treatment.




  • Design and implement a performance monitoring system in patients with major depression.
  • Custom design of a virtual assistant to provide support directly to the patient.
  • Continuously rating the patient's condition and sent this analysis to the clinical entity.

Depression is a mental illness. The results obtained in the study ESEMeD local project (The European Study of the Epidemiology of Mental Disorder) shows that 23.7% of the Catalan population aged 18 years, along its life will suffer a mental disorder. Specifically 15.2% will suffer episodes of major depression and this problem will be more common from 35-64 years.

The treatment of this disease, the continuous monitoring of the patient is a key factor, a fact which is now a considerable expenditure of resources.

10/2010 to 12/2012