Mantychore exploits the Infrastructure as a Service paradigm to enable National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and other e-Infrastructure Providers to enhance their service portfolio by building and deploying the software and tools to provide IP Networks as a Service to virtual research communities. The Mantychore project doesn't aim to deploy a new network infrastructure to achieve its objectives. The main goal of the Mantychore project is providing the Mantychore services over the NRENs e-Infrastructure, thus leveraging the existing investment in e-Infrastructures.

The main objective of the Mantychore project is to allow NRENs to provide an IP Network Service to the research communities they serve: HEAnet and NORDUnet will deploy and operate it as a pre-operational service. Mantychore tools that enable the NRENs to manage and operate the IP Network Service will be deployed individually over the e-Infrastructure of each NREN. Initially three research communities will benefit from the IP Network Service: the Danish Health Data Network, the British Advance High Quality Media Services and the Irish Grid effort.

Another important objective is to refine and expand the Mantychore services provided by means of the integrating the results of the privately funded MANTICORE II project with the IaaS Framework based solutions for optical (Argia) and Ethernet/MPLS networks (Ether); thus being able to provide integrated services at levels 1-3 to the research community.

  • IP Network as a Service is implemented by means of the Mantychore software, a web-services based tool that simplifies the management and configuration of routers, switches, optical devices and IP networks. The Mantycore software will be used by Infrastructure Providers, Service Providers and end users because it is used to both assign infrastructure to third parties and to get them, always in a remote way.
  • The software tool will be based in the Infrastructure as a Service Framework, a software development and integration framework tailored to build IaaS management solutions. Some of the Mantychore consortium partners are actively involved in the development (i2CAT) and use (HEAnet, NORDUnet) of the framework
  • Collaboration with the GreenStar Network project: The IaaS paradigm allows e- Infrastructure providers to offer virtual resources to users; as users are not working directly with the physical devices, if virtual devices are migrated to another physical site the user should not realize of this change. This capability would be very useful for the research that the GSN project is performing about migrating entire virtual networks from one place to another one based on clean power availability. When there are no solar power stocks left, all the virtual machines could be migrated to another data centre in another part of the world where is enough clean energy available. As Mantychore tools support network virtualisation, one of the research activities will be to study the possibility of migrating virtual devices from one physical site to another, following the availability of renewable energy.
  • Innovate in the business model used in services based on IaaS, establishing a marketplace where all Infrastructure Providers can announce their available resources and all customers can automatically negotiate the SLAs getting the best resources combination for their needs.

Mantychore vision realizes the supply of an IP Networks as a Service over the NRENs e-Infrastructure; enabling the users belonging to a research community to get permissions over routers, switches, optical devices and IP networks for the benefit of their research activities, enhancing the quality of the tools available for the European research and increasing the research capabilities and participation of researchers.


The main objective of Mantychore is to give a new flexible and easy solution in IaaS (Infraestructure as a Service) technologies related to IP networks. Mantychore achieves this objective with its set of tools which virtualize and manage router and IP network resources for administrator.

Among the features of Mantychore, it includes support for different network layers (L1, L2). It permits which Mantychore, different administrators have a better management of network resources which it is managing by means of the virtualization. In addition, it aims to set up an new network for researchers and NRENs (National Research and Education Networks) to be used to research, deploy and test new solutions in IPNaaS.






10/2010 to 03/2013
Projecte Europeu FP7