Monitorització Especialitzada pel Diagnòstic de pacients Crònics amb Assistència Telemàtica



The MEDCAT project aims to search for new ways of control and conditions improvement tackling with chronically illness through the application of new Information Technology and Communication (ICT).

Continuous monitoring of vital signs of cardiac and respiratory chronic disease and its symptoms will allow us to provide a medical monitoring service for chronic patients more efficient and less costly moving information instead of the patient and skilled professional.

We hope to make an study showing the effects on improving the quality of care by monitoring patient household, as well as reducing the need for hospitalizations and urgent visits.

The research for this project will simultaneously collect data and protocols needed to define a predictive model of patient status events and which may be implemented in a tele-health care for chronic patients.

This project is cofounded by European Regional Development Fund, in the framework of Programa Operatiu Objectiu 2 de Competitivitat Regional i Ocupació de Catalunya ERDF 2007-2013.


The work to be done in this project responds to validation include the following points:

  • Adequacy of medical protocols for treatment and patient follow-up to the functional and user acceptance with the support of tele-assistance system.
  • Computerized management of tasks to facilitate the monitoring of the patient and allow remote monitoring, increasing treatment efficacy and reducing the number of physical visits to the doctor.
  • Create a predictive model that is fed gradually to forecast the evolution of the patient, reduce the frequency of taking measurements and predict the peaks where the patient may experience a crisis or failure.

The technical platform responds to E2E architecture that connects the patient with the primary care physician and the remote expert team using the set of modules and services described in the following block diagram:



Fundació i2CAT




Centre Sanitari del Solsonès


06/2009 to 07/2010
Inforegió 2009