OpenFlow Experiment in Real-Time Internet Edutainment



OFERTIE is a project funded by the EC which consists of expanding the SLAs management and the implementation of application interfaces in order to integrate real-time online interactive applications systems with transportation networks based on Open Flow. i2CAT Foundation will provide the island of the OFELIA experimental platform and will implement the network control layer based on extensions for the OpenNaaS platform in order to support OpenFlow controllers. The project will use an advanced system of SLAs management which will work together with a network monitoring system in order to guarantee the quality of service required for the ROIA applications and the end users. The project expects to carry out experiments to establish the viability of using programmable networks and supporting the appropriated technological solutions.

During 2012, the project started the definition of the current business models and the new modals that can appear thanks to the proposed solutions based on OpenFlow, including the different actors involved in the field of real-time online interactive applications. This will result in the identification of the technical and functional requirements which are necessary for the development of the network management and control interfaces and systems.


OFERTIE proposes and develops network control mechanisms based on SDN technologies and particularly the OpenFlow technology, in order to provide on demand quality of service to applications that need dynamic changes of the network requirements.

  • New hybrid infrastructures use paradigms regarding the variety of manufacturers in order to be able to manage them homogeneously.
  • New business models, based on a greater flexibility regarding the network services supply among the different actors which are involved in the real-time online interactive services.
  • University of Southampton (coordinator)
  • University of Münster
  • i2CAT
  • Spinor
  • Turk Telecom
  • Interoute
10/2012 to 09/2014
European project FP7
1.307.944 €