The project “Orange Smart City at Sant Vicenç dels Horts: Solutions for small and medium cities based on M2M and delay tolerant networks” is a response to an innovation project in the area of sensor networks applied to smart cities, whose aim is to be able to monitor various data of the population without the need for existing infrastructure. To achieve this, is to add isolated sensors to infrastructure forming a delay tolerant network, where municipal vehicles (police, buses, etc.) can collect data using their daily activities and the route they take around the cities. These data are sent by the devices installed in the vehicles through M2M cards to the central server.

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The management of the nodes’ batteries is one of the most innovative research element. The nodes are “switched off” and they “switch on” when they have a vehicle within their fieldof action inwhich they can transferdata, then theydo so andreturn to the conservation state.

The project ends with the pilot test of the system, which involves the deployment of three different types of sensors. Each of the types, responsible for various functions, offer different services:

  • Environmental information sensors: these sensors are designed to meet the need of monitoring different environmental parameters, due to the current pollution levels of the cities and its consequences. There will be temperature, humidity, noise and air pollution sensors.
  • Urban incidents sensors: cities are composed of a wide range of equipments such as lights, traffic lights, payment machines, etc. which need a routine and periodical inspection in order to check its proper functioning. The sensors network deployed in the public lighting will enable this task in a remote way, and will control the consumption level and its luminosity.
  • Parking sensors: sensors pilot test in order to detect stadistically which area of the city is more likely to have a parking place.
  • Sewage sensors: sensors pilot test in order to control the level of the sewerage occupation of cities, with the objective of anticipatingfloods or otherrelated incidences.

The results of this project are entirely devoted to the development of new services and products, using the advantages offered by the network sensors, particularly the delay tolerant data.


11/2010 to 09/2011
44.460 €