Piloto TDT



The main goal in this project is the realization of a pilot proof based on a real DTT broadcasting scenario and using the newest technologies. Covering the whole value chain (production, distribution and reception), a new networked multimedia system will be used to create new ways of communication through DTT. Currently there exist different basic solutions that will allow a quick installation of new technologies, but there is still a wide research area that we want to cover with this project: high quality on reception, reduction of the bandwidth for emission, more efficient reception, interactivity, etc.


The pilot project in new DTT Technologies presents a twofold purpose, scientific and technological, that can be resumed in three main points:

  • To research on new technologies focused in new and advanced DTT services and to analyze the different possible applications, benefits and limitations that new technologies focused on the production and content generation have.
  • To evaluate a real and complete DTT diffusion system that integrates new services based on the project consortium capacities and following a Living Lab approach.
  • To integrate new technologies and advanced services, and to tackle the social problem of access to the audiovisual information.

This project will stimulate the research in the DTT sector, in a manner that allows the Spanish audiovisual industry to take a relevant position in a growing market and to become a research and industrial reference. The project will allow the execution of several experiments in all the areas that integrate the value chain.

10/2008 to 06/2010
Avanza I+D 2008
3.339.280 €