REal-time MEdical reporting servIce



The main goal of REMEI is the implementation of a shared medical record, for the cooperation of specialists from different medical centers, when it comes to solve emergency situations.

To address these emergency situations, communication between professionals from each hospital should be efficient to help diagnose the patient as quickly as possible.

A boon to medical specialists in the diagnosis, is the availability of medical image associated to the report. To address this, REMEI incorporates a communications gateway to send medical images safely. This images can be DICOM images.

To facilitate communication between specialists, the platform includes a system of videoconferencing and shared whiteboard platform for interaction between specialists through medical imaging.




With the collaboration of:



  • Real-time editing of medical reports.
  • Integration with “Història Clínica Compartida a Catalunya” (HCCC)
  • Medical image sharing outside the medical environment.
  • Use of secure protocols to protect patient data.
  • Use of videoconferencing for communication between specialists
  • Integration of a shared whiteboard platform to assist to diagnosis.
  • Record of activity and statistics on the platform.


The REMEI project aims to address the problem of data sharing in medical environments.

  • The main problem that arises is to communicate two hospitals through a hostile environment, the Internet, without compromising the protection of patient data.
  • Due to the firewalls located at hospitals, communication between hospitals should be done through a protocol known and secure.
  • As REMEI is designed for emergency medical situations, shorten the time for action is critical.
  • The report provides real-time data sharing, facilitating interaction between specialists.

01/2011 to 12/2012
73.698,76 €