Abstract of US2011287739

A system and a method for managing automatic log in to Internet target resources are disclosed. The system comprises a mobile phone with a storing device to store private identities and a computer with a client browser and a browser plug-in. The browser plug-in is configured to, upon receiving information containing a login form from a target resource being accessed: request a user identifier; and send an identity request to an identification server. Furthermore, the identification server is configured to obtain a phone number associated to the user identifier and send an identity message to the phone. The phone is provided with a client application which looks up the private identities associated to the target resource and sends the selected private identity to the identification server and then to the client browser to log in to the target resource using the selected private identity.

Office Application Number Date
SPAIN (OEPM) ES2375861A1 29/03/2010
EUROPE (EPO) EP2375688A1 29/03/2011
US (USPTO) US2011/0287739A1 29/03/2011
i2CAT, Vodafone
GRANTED in Spain, Europe and US.

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