ULTRAORBISM a distributed event

BARCELONA _ 9 April 2015 _ 9.00 pm _ Arts Santa Mònica
FALMOUTH _ 9 April 2015 8.00 pm _ Falmouth University Studio B

Networked distributed stage event, with a following discussion.

Ultraorbism is a project directed by Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, based on True Histories by Lucian of Samosata. It is part of the European project SPECIFI and the research area RICHES funded by the European Commission. Support is from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia, the i2CAT Foundation, and live participation by actors and the audience at the University of Falmouth, Cornwall (Great Britain).

Free entrance. All kind of audience.

  • Concept, drawings and performance: Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca
  • Live music and performance: Andrea Valle
  • Text: Julià de Jòdar
  • Choreography and dancers: Cheap Date Dance Company
  • Actor: Ciaran Clarke
  • Video: Joint Effort Studios
  • Technical direction: Oriol Ibàñez
  • Programming: Sergi Lario
  • Animation: David Tangarife, Jesús González and Claudio Marzà
  • Drawing curtains: Yansy Soler and Wahab Zeghlache
  • Costumes: Paloma Bomé
  • Photography: Carles Rodríguez
  • Researcher: Begoña Egurbide
  • Sound mix: Paolo Armao and Andrea Valle
  • Coordination and production in Falmouth: Ian Biscoe and Erik Geelhoed
  • General coordination and production: Josep Font Sentias and Margherita Bergamo
  • Assistant: Cristina Llorca


  • Coordinating technical production, i2CAT Foundation: Sergi Fernández
  • Technical manager, i2CAT Foundation: Gerard Castillo
  • Coordinator sociological study, i2CAT Foundation: Marc Aguilar
  • Documentation and research, i2CAT Foundation: Pau Adelantado
  • Produced by: Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and Panspèrmia SL
  • Organized by: Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia and i2CAT Foundation
  • With the collaboration of: Falmouth University, Cheap Date Dance Company, Joint Effort Studios, Arts Santa Mònica - Departament de Cultura
  • Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia, i2CAT Foundation, SPECIFI Project, RICHES project, European Commission, CIP 2007-2013

"I am in the middle of the country, there are no people, no houses, no roads, I look at the moonless sky. The night is clear, clean and cold, it's been a windy day and the universe is now transparent. Thousands of stars draw imaginary lines that form whimsical figures in space. As I think about the millions of light years between my heartbeat and those stars, I am filled with a sense of an abyss. I am nothing. Only emotion and fantasy can give meaning to this abyss."

Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca

Performance art is at the heart of my work. Ultraorbism is an interactive distributed action between two networked connected spaces in two cities: Barcelona and Falmouth.

Both spaces are open-plan, with a backdrop of a large main screen in the centre and a subsidiary screen: the main screen acts as the central area for the story, and it is there where the consequences of the various interactive processes engaged in by those acting in both venues are shown; the small screen shows the details of these interactions. This is explained to the audience as the interactivity takes place.

SPECIFI is a European project under the CIP program for competitiveness and innovation, that promotes the use of the Internet infrastructures in order to highlight the cultural and creative heritage of the Smart Cities.

RICHES (Renewal, Innovation & Change: Heritage and European Society) is a research project that investigates how the advent of digital technology is changing the ways in which we understand, preserve and disseminate cultural heritage in Europe. The RICHES project has selected ULTRAORBISM as a case study: a questionnaire and a discussion will take place between the two audiences, to examine how a distributed performance is appreciated and received based on this real experience.

Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca is an internationally renowned artist for his mechatronic performances and interactive installations. Since the eighties, his work is concerned about the human condition. Marcel·lí is a founding member of La Fura dels Baus; he was artistic coordinator until 1990. Since then his solo work is based on technology and it has been shown in more than forty countries. He received the Barcelona City Award for Visual Arts in 2014 for the exhibition Systematurgy, shown in Arts Santa Mònica.


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