Abstract of EP2110992 (A1)

System for monitoring and optimizing traffic in MPLS-DiffServ networks, the method comprising: - receiving and executing the Network Element Manager, NEM (7), monitoring instructions from the Network Management System, NMS (6); - sending the NEM (7) to the NMS (6) QoS parameters retrieved from the router (9); - analyzing the NEM (7) SNMP events generated in the router (9), sending said analyzed SNMP events to the NMS (6); - detecting the NEM (7), for each class i supported by the router (9), whether used bandwidth BW i in a LSP is outside an interval (BW MINi - BW MAXi ); in that case sending an alarm message to the NMS (6); - analyzing the NMS (6) the alarm messages from the NEMs (7); - in case a specific class within a LSP in under/over utilization, modifying the LSP parameters accordingly to adjust them to the current network situation.

Office Application Number Date
EUROPE (EPO) EP2110992 (A1) 17/04/2008
i2CAT, Vodafone
PENDING. Divisional application was filed on 11/01/2012, after examination.

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