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The future of Internet: Leonardo’s network

There was a brief period of European history, called the Renaissance, where a person as Leonardo da Vinci could be at the same time an engineer, a scientist and an artist.
Now Internet evolution potentially tends towards a new Renaissance, not only in Europe but globally. Internet is a global network of knowledge that can develop, and be developed, a new convergence around the technology, science and the arts. Internet can make the dream of a world where human creativity and innovation can be shared and enhanced like never before, a reality. It can be the future of the Internet as a Leonardo’s network.



I2cat, best FIA session award

The Future Internet Assembly, which covers the hottest topics of the Future Internet, recognized the workshop of i2CAT Foundation on the current status of NFV, organized together with Telefónica I + D, as the best session of the event



New source of funding for SME’s

During a conference of AMETIC and in Madrid, the i2cat Foundation presented a new funding opportunity provided by the European CREATI-FI project. Interested SMEs and entrepreneurs can apply for grants of up to 125,000 euros for ICT developments.


Brussels awards Barcelona as the European Capital for Innovation

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