The Internet of makers

From Computerized Numeric Control to Industrial Internet and Design Labs

Internet has been defined as an information and communication technology. Its network structure is compared too often with a telecommunication network. But it can be much more. After it first three decades, Internet is morphing itself in an industrial technology. As the Computerized Numeric Control supposed in the 50s the advent of a new industrial revolution, the beginning of the personal and distributed digital fabrication can generate a new way of producing and sharing. Welcome to the Internet of makers.



Barcelona, Innovation Capital of Europe

Barcelona won last March the first iCapital Award as the best Innovation Capital of Europe for “introducing the use of new technologies to bring the city closer to its citizens". I2cat contributes to the innovation ecosystem of the Barcelona City Hall participating in different initiatives.



Strong participation of i2cat in the first Horizon 2020 call for proposals

I2cat Foundation has been present in the first Horizon 2020 call, submitting 28 proposals, of which it leads 3. Such participation enhances i2cat commitment to be an international key partner in R+D in the field of Future Internet.



La Vanguardia
Eight companies have been incorporated in the Industrial Ring of Catalonia.

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