From eHealth to Open Healthcare Systems

Lessons from a healthcare living lab.

During the last decade the Internet has been used as a tool helping the current health systems to be more efficient and sustainable. We are still in the eHealth era. The new Horizon 2020 program still promotes an area of eHealth for next years. If in previous programs, the focus was in the technology and the professional health institutions, the Horizon2020 begins to talk about citizen-centered eHealth. Accepting that this approach is producing some benefits to the patients, the results are still far behind the expectations.



i2CAT, a consolidated entity

With 10 years reached and a complicated environment as in recent years, the Foundation continues its work rightly being a leader in research and innovation in the field of new Internet technologies. I2cat presents its Annual Report 2013, demonstrating its focus on the internationalization of their activities and further orientation to companies.



i2CAT,  in the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Conference

The Foundation has supported this conference, held recently in Girona, which allows the exploration of the opportunities and state-of-the-art trends in the eHealth’s field. I2CAT, sponsor of the event, developed a networking application and presented the principles progresses achieved in the “eHealth Patient Portal”.


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