The Valley of Death and how to cross it

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One of the classical problems in all the innovation systems worldwide is the so-called Valley of Death: the big hole between the process of fundamental research and the commercial world. In Europe one expression of such problem is called “European paradox”. How is it possible that a continent with this high productive science and technology community be so incompetent in transferring its results to the market? Why are we losing ground year after year in front of the big corporations of US and Asia?
In Catalonia, after a decade of investing in creating a community of high quality scientific researchers (CERCA), the situation is quite similar to other European countries. We are suffering the Valley of Death syndrome.  We don't know how to transfer our excellent research to the commercial world.



I2CAT with the creative industry entrepreneurs 

I2CAT participates in the Catalan node of the CreatiFI European project, which will provide the creative industry entrepreneurs with the possibility to realize their projects using Future Internet technologies. Those interested, who could receive a € 50.000 funding in the first call, have a deadline of November 30 to submit their proposals.



Official ceremony at the Palau de la Generalitat

I2CAT Foundation will celebrate its 10 years next November 6 at the Palau de la Generalitat, with a review of its history and perspectives thanks to all leading people throughout its history, as well as to different personalities in the world of the Internet field.



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