Why is Google buying AI companies, professors and gurus?

The Singularity and the Internet

In December 2012 Google hired Ray Kurzweil as the head of engineering of the company. Kurzweil is the guru of the Singularity, a vision that supports that in 2029 the artificial intelligence will overcome the human one. In the last semester of 2013 the company of Mountain View bought eight companies specialized in robotics. Boston Dynamics is the leader company in the sector and it is specialized in the building of robots humanoids. Finally co-founder Serge Brin announced on May 28, 2014 that the company has quietly designed and manufactured its own line of driverless vehicles and was preparing to start testing them later this year.

The common topic linking these facts is simply: it is called NAI, Networked Artificial Intelligence.  The Internet is transforming itself in a connected robot, an artificial intelligence machine or a network of them that learns. Until now we have lived in the era of information and communication technologies. From now on we are entering in the intelligent, learning and creative technologies. This is the next frontier of Internet. 



Agreement between EPSON and i2CAT for the MOVERIO Smart glasses

I2CAT will be responsible for managing the Competence Center for MOVERIO, the EPSON smart glasses, in which products and services related to this wearable in areas such as industry, culture and health will be developed.



i2CAT, 10 years leading Internet Research in Catalonia

The Palau de la Generalitat has been the scene of celebration for the 10th anniversary of the Foundation i2CAT, which was a review of the history and future of the organization. A lot of personalities from the public and private sectors related to the Foundation, as well as internationally recognized faces of the sector, wanted to be present at the event. 



Geriatric area
GTRS Project (Global Tele Rehabilitation System) (Spanish)

Ràdio 4
Radio4 Interview. "Preferències" program. (Joan Manel Martin and Sergi Figuerola) (Catalan)

Ajuntament de Rubí
SODALES Project (Catalan)

Collaborative Economy (Catalan)

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